In response to encouraging signs of recovery for the bathroom industry and the growing trend for home owners to upgrade their shower and bathing experience Aqualux have launched a summer bath screen promotion.

Aqualux, a brand leader of bath screens and shower enclosures are offering up to 48% savings on a selected range of their most popular bath screens.  The promotion coincides with the holiday period where often home improvements are carried out.

There are a number of drivers that influence consumers to install a shower above their existing bath, from emotive desires for an improved sensory experience to more practical reasons of economy and restricted mobility.  Market reports confirm that 66% of homes have a shower above the bath.

We all know it is quicker to take a shower than run a bath, and its economically and environmentally more friendly. Obviously, the amount of water used depends on how long an individual stays in the shower but according to the BMA taking a shower instead of a bath will save around 40% of the water that you use.

There is strong demand from consumers who enjoy a relaxing bath, but equally want the speed and invigorating experience of a shower.  This, together with the increase in popularity of power showers means that  a shower curtain is often not sufficient to keep the water inside the bath area, so  a bath screen is not only a stylish solution, but also practical. Shower curtains are now regarded as out dated and can attract unhealthy pores. A bath screen is hygienic and much easier to keep clean.

There are other factors to consider too, with an ageing population or with family members suffering restricted mobility, a bath is not always suitable, but a soothing shower can be. By installing a bi-fold bath screen this gives easy access to the bath and shower area

Sandra Hyde, Marketing Manager explained “We are aware that the bathroom market is very competitive on price, and consumers are looking for added value when choosing their bathroom products. Fetim Group UK (owners of Aqualux) want to ensure we give our trade partners the best opportunity to grow their business, so by reducing our prices during this promotional campaign this allows our dealer network to offer an affordable choice of bath screen designs and quality to their clients.”

The promotion which runs until September 30th, 2014 includes over 20 different bath screens giving consumers  a real selection of  designs and quality to choose from including the AQUA 8 Hinge Square with chrome towel rail, AQUA 6 4-Fold, AQUA 5 Curved and AQUA 4 Sail bath screen.

Image 1 AQUA 4 2 Panel Slider Bath screen

Image 2 AQUA 4 4-Fold Polished Silver Bath screen