Revive your bedroom with the Kitchen Door Workshop

With the effects of the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomena wearing off, many people are looking for new ways to bring a little fun back into the bedroom.  Messy and old fashioned bedrooms are an instant turn off, so the Kitchen Door Workshop is here to provide the solution with its stylish doors that can update any bedroom that’s in need of a little TLC.

The Kitchen Door Workshop’s replacement bedroom doors are a great solution for swiftly updating the bedroom and giving it a new lease of life. There are lots of different styles to choose from whether it’s a slick and masculine inspired interior such as the Visions door in Storm Grey, or for a more romantic and whimsical look, try the Storrington door in Magnolia

In bedrooms where the fitted cupboards and drawers are still in good condition, the tired and unfashionable old doors can be simply unscrewed and removed, and trendy new replacement doors from the Kitchen Door Workshop can be fitted in minutes. It’s quick, simple and causes minimal mess.

Any DIY enthusiast can take on this task and with step-by-step You Tube videos showing every step of the process, the project is sure to be completed with no fuss. A free downloadable book with tips and advice is also available which can be used offline.

The Kitchen Door Workshop doors retail from £4.29 including VAT. A Visions door measuring H149.5xW39.6cm retails from £59.68 each. A Storrington bedroom door measuring H149.5xW39.6cm retails from £48.69 each.

The Kitchen Door Workshop showroom is located at the Millers Yard, Straight Half Mile, Maresfield, East Sussex, TN22 3AY. For further details on the Kitchen Door Workshop please call 0845 643 1928 or visit