Which Windows Where?

Should it be a vertical slider or maybe a tilt before turn? Can’t decide? Sash UK should be able to help…

The type of windows you choose to invest in depends on a variety of factors, from practicality to style. If you’re not sure of the best windows for your particular needs, why not take a look at our handy guide.

Vertical Slider

verticalSimple to operate, appealing to loo lat, modern uPVC vertical slider sash windows have a classic design but all the benefits of the latest materials and manufacturing.

Because they are precisely engineered, they provide better security and won’t leak or let in draughts – unlike many of their traditional timber box sash window counterparts. They are also hardwearing and low maintenance compared with a wooden frame that needs regular painting.

As they are designed to replicate the look of a traditional timber window, they tend to be popular with home owners who want to match the style of an older home, in particular those replacing old Georgian windows, or to add character to a newer home. With the wide range of finishes available from Sash Windows, a Vertical Slider window can be supplied in any number of colours, and can be matched to your doors.

Tilt before turn

tiltandturnMost windows open outwards, however tilt before turn windows open inwards. One of the major benefits of this is that it makes them much easier to clean – you don’t have to risk life and limb hanging outside or pay for a window cleaner – which makes them a popular choice for apartment buildings.

When fitted with a key locking handle, the window can be tilted for ventilation but will not turn open without a key to operate the handle, making them ideal if you have small children.

Tilt before turn windows are easy to operate and can also be designed to open in two ways: for example, tilting inwards slightly when you need a little air, and opening more fully when you want to open up the room to more fresh air.


casementProbably the most popular design, casement windows open outwards and are attached to the frame with a side hinge or top hung hinge.

This gives you the flexibility of choosing from a variety of different combinations to suit your home, for example you may choose a side hung casement window and a top opening window for your bedroom so that you can choose how much air you want to allow into the room during the night. Some will also have slatted ventilation.

Most modern casement windows will come with a lockable handle for extra security and can be supplied in a variety of colours. They can also be used in bay windows.

Fully reversible 

reversableFully reversible windows are designed to completely rotate for cleaning purposes. Like tilt before turn windows, they are supplied with a safety catch to prevent the risk of small children falling out when they are fully open.

A key product ideal for properties with restricted access, they allow for easy cleaning and maintenance. Because of specific building regulations, they are regarded as a product of choice by most people in Scotland.

All Sash UK windows can be tailored to suit every need – call the office on 01226 715 619 to discuss in more detail.