Iris Design Studio’s  Perito Moreno Clock Wall Sconce, a contemporary mirror wall fixture, one of Iris Design Studio‘s best selling designs, is now offered on Sale.The Perito Moreno Clock Wall Sconce is a fabulous wall lamp that incorporates a mirror with lights, which makes it a great entryway, hallway and a bathroom wall lamp. Whilst it can be used as a facial mirror with lights, the basic materials of the Perito Moreno Clock Wall Sconce also provide a luxury feel that would uplift any room.

 We are proud of this design as it symbolizes the evolution of our company. The Edison bulb was one of the key elements that Iris used in her designs, shown here halved and reflected into a full object.

Iris was inspired from the Perito Moreno Glacier, located in the south part of Argentina: “When I was a young backpacker, the Perito Moreno glacier was one of the first places I visited. It was a true magic in my eyes because of its beautiful light blue color and its clear reflection on Lago Argentino, which seemed like a clear mirror”.  Iris Kadouri Rizenbah, Designer and Founder of Iris Design Studio.
Iris design studio Ltd , has been operating since 2003. The company focuses on designing and marketing modern and contemporary lighting fixtures, intended for homes, hotels, offices, industrial spaces, and more. the company deals with designed products which are unique and exclusive.

Iris design studio’s guidelines are reliability, quality, service and uncompromising professionalism.


Amir Rizenbah
co-CEO, Iris Design Studio Ltd