Living up to their reputation for innovation, Ecophon has launched Master Matrix, a truly unique floating ceiling system that combines excellent acoustics with the ability to create appealing design effects across large open plan areas. A unique Connect grid system aids installation to attain the highest levels of accuracy, meaning clean, uninterrupted lines are easily achieved, for the perfect finish.

94931 Master MatrixInspired by patterns and rhythm, Master Matrix offers extensive design scope thanks to the range of panel shapes and sizes available. They can be used to generate the effect of linear motion or variations of large, repetitive elements; and can interact with pipes, tubes and light installations to easily accommodate bespoke design requirements.

The system is particularly suitable for TABS (Thermically Activated Building Systems) where wall-to-wall ceilings are not possible because the high coverage ratio would constrain a satisfactory cooling effect from the concrete.  For TABS buildings, since Master Matrix achieves good acoustics with a proven minimal effect on the thermal conditions, it is not necessary to choose between energy efficiency and acoustic comfort, since both can be achieved.

Master MatrixConsisting of Ecophon Master Matrix panels and the Ecophon Connect grid system with an approximate combined weight of just 5 – 6 kg/m2, the system is quick and easy to install with very high levels of accuracy thanks to its pre-installed fixing devices and ‘click-in’ connection to the grid system.  There is no need for post-adjustment and panels can easily be demounted where necessary, with a built in hatch function providing easy access to the soffit.

Offering ultimate flexibility, the system can either be installed with high coverage of the ceiling area, or installed in rows with 40mm gaps between the panels giving a floating appearance.


In terms of manufacture, the panel element is made from high-density glass wool, which utilises Ecophon’s patented 3RD Technology for environmental benefits.  The wool also meets fire safety demands and has been tested and classified as non-combustible according to EN ISO 1182.  The visible surface of the panel has an Akutex FT coating and the back of the tile has a glass tissue facing.  The Connect grid and suspension system elements are manufactured from galvanised steel and aluminium.

The tiles are able to withstand a permanent ambient RH up to 95% at 30°C without any sagging, warping or delaminating.  From an environmental perspective, the system has also been granted the Nordic Swan eco-label and is fully recyclable as well as featuring the highest recycled content on the market.  Furthermore since only complete panels are used, no waste is created on site.

Will Jones of Ecophon commented, “This revolutionary ceiling system really opens up design possibilities that just weren’t possible before, with the added assurance that the final installation will truly realise the design vision.  This, together with the technical performance for which Ecophon is renowned, delivers an all encompassing floating ceiling solution for best in class acoustic and aesthetics.”

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