New sense of fire at Maison & Objet 201

Together with Astrini Design – manufacturer of exceptional furniture for public spaces – we are proud to invite you to international fairs Maison & Objet in Paris which for over 10 years have attracted companies working in the field of interior design along with tens of thousands of visitors.During this year’s edition Planika – world leader of long fire technology – will present innovative solutions in design. The “intelligent fire” controlled over WiFi, automatic push button fireplaces, flame height regulation, limitless possibilities of fireplace arrangement, smart home system integration, smokeless and scentless natural fire. These are just a couple of unique functions of the automatic fireplaces that give limitless possibilities to professionals and private users. We guarantee unique atmosphere, unparalleled design and harmonious connection between Planika fireplaces and Astrini Design furniture which will give an unmatched character to every space.

We would also like to invite you to a special show during which the participants will have a chance to win one of Planika fireplaces or seas from Astrini Design remarkable collection.llection.