TaIkALINE LED mirrored cabinets from Schneider

Leading Swiss manufacturer of mirrors and mirrored cabinets Schneider, is pleased to present its TaIkALINE LED range of mirrored cabinets which are now available with variable light colour – 3000K warm white – 5000K neutral white (both pictured above).


Featuring pioneering LED technology, the mirrored cabinets in the TaIkALINE LED collection provide any contemporary bathroom with a valuable source of task lighting.


Each mirrored cabinet in the TaIkALINE range has been fitted with the latest generation of high quality, dimmable LEDs which provide colour temperatures between warm white (3000 Kelvin) and neutral white (5000 Kelvin). This allows the light emitted to be adjusted according to how the bathroom is being used via a sensor panel that’s integrated into the base of the mirrored cabinet. The upper end of the spectrum (neutral white) provides a glare free, bright illumination that’s ideal for carrying out tasks, whereas the lower end of the spectrum can be used to create atmosphere and ambiance.


The mirrored cabinets in the TaIkALINE collection are IP44 rated and retail from

£ 1,495.20 including VAT (for the TAI 70/2/LED mirrored cabinet).





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