EcoSmart Bio-Ethanol Fire Boxes

Homes without a chimney are now able to bask in the glow of a fireplace thanks to revolutionary new bio-fuel technology. The EcoSmart Bio-Ethanol Fire Box is completely self-contained, and requiring no chimney or flue, can be installed in any home. The fireplaces are available from Smart Fire UK, the only UK distributor for EcoSmart Fire.

The fire is fuelled entirely by bio-ethanol, a clean burning liquid, sourced from agriculture. Because of this, the fire box needs no chimney, flue, or extraction system, meaning its design possibilities are virtually limitless. As such, the EcoSmart Bio-Ethanol Fire Box has become a popular choice for new-build homes.
The fires have been designed to compliment a wide range of building materials to create a traditional or modern look. The fuel is stored in the device’s internal reservoir meaning that there are no pipes or cables required during the installation process. All the workings of the fire are managed from inside the box so they can simply be installed into a standard frame or inside an existing fireplace. The fire box also comes with a Wind Screen Static. This barrier protects the flame for gushes of air that could cause over burn.

The fire boxes come in 14 different shapes and sizes and can contain single or multiple burners. Company bosses believe they are the perfect fit for any new build project wanting a working fireplace without the hassle associated with running a traditional fire.

Paul Holt Business Manager at Smart Fire UK commented: “The EcoSmart Bio-Ethanol Fire Box is absolutely fantastic for new builds or for anyone with a creative flare. Because no fume extraction is required you are not limited if you don’t have a chimney or a flue. Not only will this save you money by not having to have one created, you’ll also save through lack of heat loss as well. We’ve been amazed at how the demand for green heating solutions has grown the business.  New technology like bioethanol is opening up the possibilities for creative fireplace designs with little or no environmental impact.  Also, the all-in-one nature of the fire mean the design opportunities are virtually limitless.”

The fire boxes start at £2750 plus VAT. Fore more information visit the Smart Fire UK website: http://www.smartfireuk.comEco Smart BK5 Wyndham Grand Abingdon UK