Software development specialist 3Squared is pioneering a SmartVest that could help enhance the safety of construction and rail workers on site.

With the construction industry focusing on improving its record on health and safety, 3Squared recognised how an established piece of PPE (personal protective equipment) could be adapted with the latest technology to assist workers by notifying them of potential hazards.

The SmartVest expands on the current invaluable safety benefits of the high visibility vest by incorporating low energy, Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) that respond to potential impending dangers.

Particularly for trackside railway workers, the SmartVest will integrate with established live data feeds to provide automated visual alerts for workers to inform them of trains approaching a working area.

Different coloured lighting is used to create visual alerts for individual workers and groups of workers helping them to identify a possible hazard quickly and effectively.

Tim Jones, Managing Director of 3Squared, said: “The SmartVest concept innovatively and creatively takes an established product with existing safety benefits into the 21st Century. We are very excited about what this could mean for construction and infrastructure workers in terms of enhancing their safety on site.”

To further extend the SmartVest’s functionality and to ensure it responds to different situations 3Squared utilises its ‘SmartSafe’ virtual zone management platform. Its SmartSafe web-based software allows engineers to upload site plans and draw out virtual safe, exclusion, hazardous working zones, such as overhead power cables.

Once out on site, the software utilises the latest iBeacon technology to establish and monitor these virtual zones. iBeacons have revolutionised the field of micro positioning enabling devices to accurately obtain exact locations within built or open environments.

This is one of several exciting, innovative technology-focused projects in which 3Squared is currently engaged in the rail and construction sectors. 3Squared has extensive experience in developing software for the construction and rail sector. The company has over 10 years’ experience in helping organisations to use the latest technology to overcome business problems, improve efficiency and save money.

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