There has always been a strong demand for high-performance, multi-purpose sealant products and interest in Geocel’s range of functional MS Polymers has never been higher.

Here Stuart Oakey, Geocel’s Head of Research and Development expands on MS Polymers and their benefits.

MS Polymers first emerged in Japan as architects and builders required a product (sealants and / or adhesive) that delivered strong, flexible formation that could deal with the kind of physical movement common with tremors and earthquakes.

MS Polymers are now being used more in the UK – present in both sealants and adhesive formulations. And due to its highly elastic, high strength nature, architects are recommending its use on a more regular basis, mainly because of its performance, aesthetic appeal and ability to excel where, elastic construction joints are required.

Delivering excellent adhesion, MS Polymers can be used on a wide range of substrates and will bond to damp, non-porous surfaces and are odourless, neutral and free of isocyanates.

Expanding on its benefits, Stuart predicts that the demand for MS Polymers will increase in 2015 and comments that it is “Ideal for use on traditional natural stone buildings – offering them the ultimate protection and strength without compromising on design.”

Discussing the application process, Stuart instructs that once an MS Polymer has been applied, surfaces can then be painted over, this is a clear benefit compared to silicone. (A primer might need to be applied or an alcohol wash used – but largely it can be painted over). Another key aesthetic advantage is that the products won’t stain. Other sealants can bond well at first but then they can bleed out into surrounding substrate and other porous materials, creating a ‘picture frame’ effect around the edge.

Stuart adds, “Geocel MS Polymers will not do this. Their chemical composition means that the fluids used to create strength and flexibility are ‘locked in’ – they won’t bleed out or lead to discolouration.

“The range is completely organic and does not contain toxic chemicals or materials – compared to other materials like polyurethane. They will last as long as other sealants – including silicone – too.”

Discussing other Polymers on the market, Stuart mentions that there is already a Geocel MS Polymer 925 available specifically designed as a non staining sealant for natural stone, which will be present at the Natural Stone Show, in London, 28 – 30 April 2015.