Our athletes have been superb in recent years.  We have the top golfer in the world.  British actors come away with accolades galore. And the cache of products manufactured in the United Kingdom cannot be underestimated.  The words Made in the UK or British Made stand for quality, reliability, value for money and style.  So demistaTM  heated mirror  pads have proven to be the first choice for both the contract and domestic market.

Steamed up mirrors are annoying.  You step out of the bath or shower and prepare to shave or do your make up….trying to peer through a fog.  Wiping leaves streaks.

So is there any alternative? The easy and permanent solution is to install demista™ heated mirror pads.  A problem solved simply and inexpensively.

The pads come in a variety of sizes, and can be used in multiples if very large areas need to be covered.  demista™ heated mirror pads can also be made to order in special sizes.   Fitting is easy.   Just fix the self-adhesive pad to the back of the mirror and connect to the lighting circuit so that the mirror is warmed when the lights are switched on.

The pads are manufactured in the United Kingdom and have proven quality after 23 years in the market world wide.  demista™ is the innovator of steam free mirrors and the first heated mirror pads sold in the UK.

Underfloor heating has been with us for 2,000 years, brought to us by the conquering Romans who found that the system they used to  heat  their famous bath houses,  was ideal to keep their homes warm in the cold, wet climate of Brittannia.

The advantages of electric underfloor heating are obvious – no need for unsightly radiators, completely silent, improved efficiency and ease of operation, to name a few.  The trend today is for solid floors, whether they are wood, laminate, stone, marble or tile.   These, though appealing, can result in uncomfortably cold feet, especially in areas such as the bathroom, shower room and conservatory.

Cosyfloorä, ECOFLOOR and ECOMAT, offer a choice of electric underfloor heating systems designed to suit your particular requirements.  All three systems are easy to install, are silent, unobtrusive and economical to run.  Both Cosyfloorä and ECOFLOOR are earth screened so they can be safely used in areas such as bathrooms, wet rooms, laundry rooms and kitchens where water spillage is expected.  ECOMAT is ideal for laminate and wood floor surfaces in areas such as hallways, living and bedrooms, and conservatories.

If the rooms have irregular shaped areas, this is not a problem as ECOFLOOR cable kits are designed to fit over the floor space to be heated and can easily be configured around immovable objects to achieve optimum coverage and results.   And you can set your own temperature levels with all three systems via a programmable, or  simple on/off thermostat.

So do as the Romans did, choose underfloor heating and transform those cold surfaces into inviting and warm floors.