Is this the end for plain paper plans?

With an increasing number of engaging home design TV programs and gorgeous lifestyle publications, building your dream home or adding new space to your existing home has never felt more within reach. Our own ideas are increasingly the driving force behind creative build projects, but are traditional architectural plans really the way to begin? Expensive, difficult to understand and uncompromising in flexibility, it certainly seems like there must be a more sensible alternative.

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Sam Evans seems to think so and his exciting solution makes a lot of sense!

A builder turned architectural designer, Sam set up SketchUp Architectural Design in 2013 with 20 years of experience designing everything from treehouses to garden studios, new builds to barn conversions. With a degree in fine art, building experience and a RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) affiliation, his solution utilises both build and design knowledge. Whether you are looking to interpret existing plans or to start afresh, Sam makes the architectural design process practical, cost-friendly and accessible for everyone. He offers a new and holistic way of planning and reviewing design and build ideas – which makes changing your mind a lot less expensive!

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So how does it work? Sam produces an accurate 3D CAD model of the building, which you are able to ‘walk through’, clearly visualise and easily amend. As he explains, it’s “a very fluid way of designing a building, altering and adjusting things until they feel just right, rather than always having to go back to the drawing board.” This ensures the space works in the right way for the client before costly build work starts. Once complete, 3D models of both the existing and the proposed buildings are easily and quickly rendered into the traditional 2D drawings required for planning applications and building specifications.

Accessible, flexible, cheaper and more time efficient – it looks like traditional architectural plans have met their match.

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