How to Make a Home Accessible – Without Compromising on Style

With all the blood, sweat and tears that your clients put into their self-build projects and home renovations, they are unlikely to ever want to move. A stylish home lift is a great, space saving solution that can allow a person to stay in their home even if their needs change.

For most self-builders, building their own home is a lifetime ambition.  Your typical self-build client will invest their heart and soul in their project to realise their dream home. They will have spent countless hours deliberating over every aspect of their project from finding the right plot, to the size, shape and style of the architecture and how they can best use the space inside. 

After all the energy they put in, they won’t ever want to move so it’s important to think about whether the design of their home takes into account how their needs may change in the years ahead.  There are many considerations; from access into the house, the layout inside, the width of the hallways and doorways and of course, the stairs.

Incorporating a home lift will give your client the means to future proof their dream home, allowing them to stay put well into retirement.

With a plethora of home lifts available on the market, the most appropriate solution will depend on which features are most important to your customer.  If space is precious, a self-supporting through floor lift may be the best option.  Since this type of lift doesn’t require a shaft they are space-saving and unobtrusive.

The Terry Lifestyle Lift is a stylish and space saving home lift.  Elegant and ergonomically designed, it offers an innovative way to future proof the home, bringing long-term benefits and making life easier for individuals and their families.

The Lifestyle Lift can be custom made to blend seamlessly into any home with a choice of colours and finishes for the interior, exterior and flooring, and features such as a folding seat, remote control and different shaped handrails.

Its self-supporting structure and small footprint means it can be installed almost anywhere in the home and it only takes up a minimal amount of space.

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