Roof and Walls Merge in Stunning Sustainable Build


  • Ibstock helps  architect realise  ‘wraparound’ vision for  development of high-end  eco homes
  • Tilebrick in Riven Blue used to create seamless finish

Ibstock’s Tilebrick range has been used to create a seamless finish on a series of high-end eco homes in North Bristol. Resembling pieces of origami, the four three-storey homes use the Fireborn Freedom Tilebrick in Riven Blue, coupled with grey roof tiles to give the illusion that both roof and walls are made from one continuous material.

The homes boast a bold wraparound sculptural design, whereby bricks and tiles work together to merge roof with external facade, blurring the distinction between the building and surrounding areas and reinforcing the architect’s vision of a continuous form. Tilebrick was selected alongside the grey roof tiles to complement the stylish contemporary design of the builds.

 As well as employing distinctive aesthetics, the homes have been built to offer sustainable living, and take full advantage of solar-gain through the highly glazed south-facing rear elevations. The development has been awarded for its distinction in the Insider South West Property Awards for Residential Development of the Year.

 Andrew Halstead-Smith, Group Marketing Manager at Ibstock, comments:  “This bold and distinctive project is a prime example of how brick can be used to bring any architectural vision to life.  Our Tilebrick range provides architects with design solutions that give a new dimension to facades, enhancing the design elements of a building whilst retaining the benefits of structural masonry.”

The recently extended Tilebrick range offers an innovative tile-shaped front face brick which replicates a tile-hung wall elevation, offering three profiles; Planar, Banded and Curved shapes.  The Planar, which was used on the project, gives a crisp and defined finish, the Banded adds a strong linear definition to the facade, while the traditional Curved finish provides the softer appeal of real tile hanging.  The range comes in 10 colour options, including black and buff, and is supported by a range of accessories to satisfy any design requirement.

Andrew Halstead-Smith adds: “Contributing to the creation of original and contemporary architecture across the UK remains a core focus for Ibstock and we look forward to the creation of even more innovative designs through the Tilebrick range.”

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