OFM’s New Morph Series: A Technological Design Innovation

Furniture manufacturer pioneering incorporating technology into everyday office furniture

HOLLY SPRINGS, N.C. — OFM, a leading office and school furniture manufacturer, distributor, and wholesaler, announced today that it’s unveiling a new soft-seating series designed with a built-in, flip-up privacy wall and an easily accessible electronic panel that can be used to charge a laptop, cell phone, iPad, or other device, offering a complete integrated work solution when you’re away from your desk.

“Sometimes when you’re working you want to get away from your desk for a bit,” said Blake Zalcberg, chief executive officer of OFM. “That can mean working from home, a coffee shop, a neighborhood library, or a comfortable chair in your office break room. But no one wants to crawl around the floor to find an outlet or leave a cord trailing across the hallway, and no one wants to talk about sensitive business matters on their smartphone without some privacy.”

The Morph Series features an innovative flip-up privacy wall designed to make it easy for people to create a private work environment when they need it. The series also comes with a built-in electronic panel located in the armrest which includes two USB ports and an outlet making recharging any electronic device a breeze.

The new series will be available in both a lounge chair and loveseat beginning this June and is just one of several new OFM products integrating technology with everyday office furniture allowing workers to easily get away from their desks while still being productive.

“We’re already seeing an increased demand for this type of integrated furniture within our own customer base and as technology becomes more a part of our daily life and work routines, we feel this demand will only continue to grow,” added Zalcberg. “If workers want to get away from their desk then more office furniture needs to be a little more like a desk and an office, all in one, giving you the ability to plug in, recharge, and have a readily available private space to talk business.”

The Morph Series has been entered into the Best of NeoCon contest, which honors new commercial interior products being exhibited at the NeoCon design conference in June in Chicago. The Morph Series will be on display at NeoCon along with several other new OFM integrated technology furniture.