Blooma luxury blanket, has recently launched in the UK as a result of a successful Kickstarter campaign. Bloom is made from an Italian cashmere wool blend and inspired by the art of origami. It is an exclusive creation of Bianca Cheng Costanzo and is now available for sale on, Bloom offers effortless comfort and a unique design with its three-dimensional geometric pattern.

Bloom is a beautiful throw for the home that envelops you with its geometric depth. The wearability of the product is just as important as its everyday usage in the home, as you can wrap yourself up in the striking design. Although luxuriously soft, Bloom holds its shape and is the perfect combination of art and practicality. It makes a wonderful conversation piece as an accessory for design and interior lovers alike.

In 2014, Bloom became the most successful Kickstarter campaign in Spain. In 30 days, the project raised over $200,000, which became 1,454% more than the project’s initial target. It was backed by 947 people and ensured that the blanket could go into production. Each individual blanket takes five hours to cut, sew and finish, with 180 triangles hand-sewn into distinctive tessellated pyramids.

The founder of the company, Bianca Cheng Costanzo owes the initial product idea to her heritage. Her mother’s Asian culture of paper craft and the long history of Italian wool artisanship from her father’s side.

Bianca’s avid interest in tessellations, mathematics and art started her journey: ‘I was curious about how my two great loves, art and mathematics, would combine. In the case of Bloom, I explore how digital motifs could express themselves in artisan crafts.

My favourite course at MIT was Geometric Folding Algorithms. It was there I learned to think of origami as a tool, which was not limited by symmetry and straight edges. This train of thought acted as a model informing the development of my work.’