Q-railing has used its latest Programme Update to launch a brand new full glass balustrade system: Easy Glass® Max. The base shoes of the new system are Q-railing’s strongest ever. An Easy Glass Max balustrade can cope with line loads in excess of 5kN/m. There are, in fact, four different types of base shoe available, including F and Y-shaped variants.

Easy Glass Max is the strongman of the Easy Glass range. Its aluminium base shoes are light but tough, which makes them extremely safe. As a result, Easy Glass Max is ideal for public places such as stadiums, airports and shopping centres.

The four base shoe types that are available include two top mount and two fascia mount options. All four are installed directly onto concrete, without the need for a steel structure to attach to. The F and Y-shaped variants allow you to install a balustrade right on the edge of a concrete surface, for optimal use of space.

Mounting Easy Glass Max could not be easier. Thanks to the system’s hexagon head anchors, an installer can make minor adjustments during installation.

For more information about Easy Glass Max, visit www.q-railing.com

Easy Glass Max