The sweet taste of success

Celebrating in style is something BA Components are good at. As they officially marked their 25th birthday on Thursday 4th June, so did their staff and dealers.

With the help of a beautifully branded gift box with a tasty cake treat inside, it really was a charming surprise to brighten up anyone’s day.

As you can see, it is hard for your mouth not water when you see it! With a strawberry flavour and a cherry option, it would be hard to decide which one to choose.

Kieran McCracken Operations Director at BA Components tell us why they decided to treat everyone; “Twenty-five years is a real milestone in any business and to celebrate and share in our sweet taste of success so far, we thought something appealing straight to the taste buds got the message across in a practical and memorable way.”

Well they certainly went down a storm as Kitchen Flair in Preston posted “Happy Birthday BA, thank you for our ingredients of success.” PRO-Fit KBB Limited also shared their thoughts on the cake “ Thank you so much for your sharing your birthday cake with us, it was absolutely delicious. We’ll gladly take leftovers!.”

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Is your mouth watering yet?