Solarlux introduces new, stylish glass canopy

Solarlux has introduced a new, stylish glass canopy to its range. Anova offers a flexible cover solution for the garden and patio whilst providing a clear view of the sky come rain or shine.

Solarlux showcased its Anova glass canopy for the first time at the international trade fair R+T in Stuttgart in March 2015.

The Anova system is made from elegant aluminium sections that are available in 12 fixed sizes and two design variants: In addition to a fixed glass element in the roof area, Solarlux also provides the option of being able to open individual glass sections. With sliding glass elements, up to 50 per cent of the entire roof area can be slid open thanks to the floating support mechanism of the glass elements within the new rafter section. The glass joint to the sliding element is fitted with a brush seal that allows the TSG panel to remain movable.

With this exciting new product, Solarlux is offering a standardised pure glass canopy design, thereby broadening its appeal in the market. Anova is aimed at home owners who are not looking for a glass house but simply want a stylish canopy system, and who have the highest demands in terms of aesthetics and design. These requirements are achieved thanks to the light, slender rafters in two different design options: As to be expected from Solarlux, the stainless steel extension parts meet our strict ‘tried-and-tested’ quality standards.

Anova is available exclusively as a monopitch roof with a pitch of five degrees, and is available in two trend setting colour options, RAL 9006 and DB 703. This system is statically designed to withhold three ground snow loads 85, 125, and 175 kg/m²). The patented fitting method of the rafters significantly reduces assembly times which in turn limits the inconvenience of the build for the client. Anova is the perfect glass canopy for the impulsive decision-maker: Ordered, delivered, assembled, enjoyed!

An equally important advantage for specialist traders and home owners is the product’s certification to DIN EN 1090, which verifies that Solarlux performs a production checking process that has been compulsory for all European winter garden construction companies since July 2014. This qualification covers all important processes in the production of winter gardens and glass canopies.