Restaurant toilets are more important than the food

Restaurateurs are losing out on repeated sales by neglecting restaurant bathrooms

Solid surface specialist, Tristone, has called for the hospitality trade to up its game when it comes to hygiene, as a shocking 75% of restaurant guests would not return to an establishment if the bathroom was not well kept. This sobering statistic calls on restauranteurs to put bathroom maintenance back on the menu. The report also shows that unclean and worn out restaurant bathrooms are regarded as being a bigger turn off than bad quality food and poor customer service by restaurant goers.

Howard Noh, Managing Director of Tristone Ltd comments: “Naturally, a bathroom in a restaurant will face a lot of wear and tear so it’s important that bar and restaurant owners consider investing in a premium product. Our solid surfaces have been called on by restaurants and bars owners around the world thanks to its unique properties.

“Tristone solid surfaces is renowned for its non-porous, bacteria, heat, moisture and stain resistant technology making it one of the most hygienic solid surfaces on the market. Tristone worktops have proved a top choice for commercial use thanks to its durable qualities without any compromise on style. It is easy to maintain with less chance of cracking and chipping. In the unlikely event of the surface getting damaged, it can be easily repaired without leaving noticeable repair marks. Tristone can be fully integrated with other surfaces including glass, tiles and other materials welcoming practicality as well as a polished finish.”

Seamless joins allow Tristone vanity tops to have integrated bowls and coved upstands, which makes it easier to clean and effortless to maintain the levels of hygiene desired by customers.

Howard Noh-Managing Director (2)