A Cimenteira do Louro, S.A, forty years ​​of honesty, quality, excellence and creativity. We are a lusitanian company searching for new markets, using concrete to shape your surrounding environment.

We protect our environment!One of our main principles is to reduce the impact on the environment. Thus we always try to minimize environmental pollution, only using the necessary sustainable resources and adopting working practices that promote environmental efficiency.

We breathe quality!Following the client needs, everything we produce breathes quality, from raw material to finished products. That’s why we are always searching for high technology equipment and the best laboratory experts in investigation and development of new products, such as coatings and flooring, which are our priority.

We believe! Facing the efficiency of this global world, we are ready for new challenges.Your well-being is always present in the development of our product.In our company you have an active role: you matter!

We build the paths to the future!Betting on innovative and functional design, we create products for the customer needs, offering a huge variety of shapes, colors and textures, combining technical and innovative design.

Combining aesthetic values with excellent products we want to meet your goal…