Ecco wood-burning stoves – a whole heating system for a warmer and lower energy winter – from ItDoesTheJob.com

Imagine the warmth and comfort of a ‘living fire’ on a cold winter’s night.  And imagine a quarterly energy bill that’s a lot lower than normal.  You can have both this winter with a stunning new Ecco wood burning stove from sustainable experts ItDoesTheJob.com.

An Ecco stove from ItDoesTheJob.com is unique in that it has all the ‘visual glamour’ of a ‘living fire’ but is designed as a whole heating system.  Unlike ordinary wood burning stoves which only heat the surrounding area – an Ecco stove will heat not just one room but your whole property, burning steadily and radiating a slow, constant heat throughout the whole house for up to 15 hours.   Your Ecco stove will not only work hard for your investment – it will add heart to your home!  And more importantly you’ll be moving towards a more sustainable lifestyle with a heating system that works with a renewable fuel source and produces lower carbon output!

Reasons to invest in an Ecco stove?

  • It looks attractive and adds a warm, inviting focus to your living room
  • It’s a whole heating system with the ability to heat a whole house – dependent on size (ordinary wood burning stoves only heat the surrounding area)
  • Made from top quality silicon carbide heat efficient material
  • Compact to deliver and easy to install by experts
  • Uses renewable fuel that only has 0.24% carbon output to the atmosphere
  • Easy to use – taking minutes in the morning to set up and light
  • Burns steadily maintaining a temperate heat throughout the whole house for up to 15 hours
  • DEFRA approved for inner cities
  • Three designs to suit all types and sizes of property – from larger family homes to two bedroomed properties
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • 25 year guarantee when installed by ItDoesTheJob.com

Here are the different sizes available to suit your property

  • Large Ecco stove: (11kw wood-burning stove and 85.3% efficient). Designed with silicon carbide state of the art materials this stove will heat on average a four bedroom property providing heat to all parts of the home (without the need for pipework or ducting from the appliance).  (For more information http://itdoesthejob.com/heating-and-cooling/large-ecco-stove.html )




What could be more glamorous – or simpler to use?  But more importantly with an Ecco stove you’ll be saving yourself the worry of high energy bills and low-efficiency heating systems.  An Ecco stove will keep your whole house warm whatever the weather, save you money – and you’ll be helping to reduce your carbon footprint.