Choose the ‘smart and sustainable’ CHIMELLA chimney draught excluder

It’s early October – so now’s the best time to start thinking about ways you can save energy and money this winter – and create a warmer, cosier home!  Is this possible?  It is with a few well chosen ‘accessories’ from, east-London based sustainable experts.  They’ve put together a range of simple, easy to use and effective products to help reduce draughts and increase warmth efficiency.  Here’s one extremely smart and sustainable idea to get you going – stop those draughty chimney areas with the ‘Chimella’.

 The Chimella is the new ‘must have’ accessory for every open grate fireplace. It’s extremely stylish – designed like an ‘inverted umbrella’ – it fits neatly into your chimney cavity and can be used time and again!  Acting like an open window your chimney flue is constantly overlooked and could be one of the biggest contributors to heat and energy loss in your home – so take action now and save later!

Good reasons for choosing a Chimella? For more details:

  • It’s quick and easy to use – just position inside your chimney cavity and open up like an umbrella
  • Can be used time and again – so extremely cost efficient
  • Perfect for any open chimney including ones with gas fires
  • Suitable for different sized chimneys and all shapes
  • The inverted umbrella design eliminates draughts without causing damp
  • Adds a touch of style and luxury to the heart of your home
  • It increases comfort, lowers your energy consumption – and your bills
  • Catches loose rubble and even birds that may fall through the chimney
  • Safe to use – will burn away if still in position when open fire is lit
  • Manufactured in UK to high quality standards

‘Fit and Forget’ (until you light your fire), the Chimella will do the job for you this winter.  (Price £59.99)