Benoy Expands Services with Motion Graphics Team

Benoy, the international firm of Architects, Masterplanners, Interior and Graphic Designers, is proud to provide clients with its latest service, Motion Graphics.

By combining rigorous design principles with creative intuition, and drawing upon the very latest in AV technology, Benoy’s team of designers have worked diligently to bring a fresh approach to corporate presentations and pitches.

A moving image can illustrate a concept in a highly engaging, expressive and imaginative way, far more so than a conventional, flat screen presentation.

Incorporating sound and vision, emotions can be conveyed; even the passage of time can be demonstrated. The Team’s expertise in this exciting visual environment enables clients to communicate their brand, business ideas and projects with vibrancy and commitment.

“Motion Graphics provide a more stimulating and interactive way to present ideas and concepts whether you are with a client in the same room or speaking to someone across the world; the emotive visuals and storytelling features allow an idea to come alive,” said Richard Bell, Senior Motion Graphics Designer.

Although a highly creative medium, Benoy believes it is fundamental to work within a structured framework and to an agreed plan, methodically achieving a state-of-the-art video. Working through several key stages, from storyboard to concept and design, allows everyone involved in the process to feel confident that the outcome will not only be delivered on time but also to the highest standards which have come to be expected of Benoy.

Through a collaborative effort between the Benoy Team and the client, the end result is an enduring motion graphic embodying the ethos of the project.

The Motion Graphics service is a new strength to the Benoy offer which also consists of architecture, masterplanning, interior and graphic design, visualisation, product design and consultancy.

As Benoy grows its portfolio around the world, the increased services allow the practice to provide clients a consistent, comprehensive suite of design options.

To see Benoy’s Motion Graphics’ portfolio, please visit the Vimeo page: