The new standard in glass clamp design

Q-railing presents MOD 28 – a glass clamp with an innovative new shape and great functionality. This model sets a whole new standard when it comes to glass clamps.

Any discussion of the future of glass clamps has to include Q-railing’s MOD 28. This unique product, with its feminine curves and lean shape, truly stands out from the crowd. Installers and designers who incorporate it in their projects instantly set themselves apart. It is a message to their customers – it says that they dare to think differently. With this relatively simple and highly affordable glass clamp, a balcony or stairway can be turned into a timeless space.

The benefits

The eye-catching design of the MOD 28 is, without doubt, its most outstanding feature, but it has many other advantages. The MOD 28 is an extremely functional and versatile glass clamp. It is also attractively priced and has AbZ approval. Available in Zamak or stainless steel (304, 316 or 2205 quality), it offers nine different finishes. The MOD 28 can accommodate panels up to 2 m width and glass thicknesses of between 6 mm and 12.76 mm. That means you can reduce the number of balusters in a design. This amazing product is available not only as a glass clamp, but also as a straight or angled glass connector, a hinge or a door lock.

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