Maintenance-free grass for Offices, Grounds and Business Parks – with a technology twist

Imagine the money that can be saved from over ten years of maintenance-free grass and no grass cutting! Added to that is an always-smart surrounding area which looks bright and welcoming no matter what the British weather and hosepipe ban throws at it.

Wonderlawn is a new type of artificial grass – it feels natural, recovers like normal grass, is very hard wearing and even eliminates the smelly problem of dog pee!  With grass cutting alone typically costing from between £5 and £6 for every square metre (per year based on 20 visits) the potential savings from using artificial grass are huge.

Wonderlawn is a far cry from the brash, harsh and instantly flat products from ten years ago and it keeps the area around your business park, office or factory looking smart and attractive all year round.   There is even a new twist of technology that overcomes an old problem.

When a dog or other animal strays onto the grass the chances are it will pee, and that isn’t hygienic and the ammonia it produces smells nasty.  No more. Wonderlawn exclusively uses a naturally occurring organic material to absorb the urine and prevents it from forming a fetid gas.  This bacterial ammonia is trapped until it’s released by the next shower of rain, when it simply runs deep into the ground, leaving the infill revitalised and ready to do its job all over again.

And with Wonderlawn it’s even easier to remove dog mess than it is with natural grass. The infill is natural, organic, 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.  As an added benefit it also keeps the grass feeling pliant to the touch and prevents the grass from flattening.

Old-style grass products (“monofilament”) are designed to be nothing more than colourfast and hard wearing.  In other words your field is “green and plastic”.  Wonderlawn is different.  It uses cutting edge technology to produce fibres that are specially shaped to prevent flattening, yet they are soft and colourful enough to be similar to a real lawn.  Combined with the patented organic infill it is the only hygienic artificial grass that looks and feels real, recovers after use and is 100% recyclable.

Even just after a rainstorm Wonderlawn allows people to walk (or jog) across it without churning it into a quagmire.  It is weed free, virtually work free and stays looking good year-after-year.

Part of the secret of its success is in the way that good artificial grass is laid.  Preparation is everything and not only makes a good foundation, but it allows you to turn your business, industrial estate or factory surroundings and grass areas into an elegant landscape without any muddy, moss-filled or bare-earth areas.  Wonderlawn is the only company in the UK that provides a full ten year guarantee – not just on grass colour, but on its wear, tear and installation as well!

Wonderlawn.  Cutting-edge technology.

grass-Wonderlawn After