Ponte Giulio – Designing a fully inclusive bathroom for all

It is common knowledge that the UK has an ageing population. Accessible sanitary ware suitable for all ages is therefore a vital component in today’s bathroom environment. Nick Gontar, Designer at Ponte Giulio, believes inclusive design principles should be considered when manufacturing all accessible bathroom products.

Designing a bathroom so it works for everyone as well as being creative and stylish is important to the ageing population in the UK. Generally, a bathroom will be designed with accessibility and safety or style in mind, very rarely are both of these factors considered equally.

An inclusive design for everyone

When designing our Midioplan range of accessible bathroom products we were disheartened by the amount of products designed to address the safety and functional aspects but completely ignoring considerations regarding style and appearance.

Most accessible bathrooms today are functional but look clinical and unattractive. Style is normally completely forgotten; however at Ponte Giulio we believe the safety aspect of a bathroom doesn’t have to affect the style or design. The Midioplan bathroom range includes stylish and colourful basins and shower trays, this collection also includes hands free taps with motion sensors to regulate the water temperature.

The benefits

When redesigning your bathroom, one of the key elements of safety is to ensure that the user has the ability to support themselves and use the facilities safely; inclusively designed bathroom products can significantly improve the quality of life for everyone within a household.

Designing and manufacturing bathroom products that are both stylish and comply with safety regulations is Ponte Giulio’s number one priority. The Midioplan shower trays have level walk in entry making them suitable for the whole family, the products unique design prevents water leakage from the edges of the shower tray and the secure fixing means that users can be confident it will not move once fitted. The tray also does not require the underfloor support that many other branded products demand giving end users more flexibility with regard to bathroom design and layout.

Our bathroom ranges are specially designed to offer a safe, stylish bathroom for the entire family to enjoy. Having a bathroom inclusively designed enables the home owner to create a bathroom environment which caters for the whole family both now and in years to come, thus avoiding future expense.