tesa® provides intelligent solutions for the Furniture industry

Double-sided foam tapes are playing an ever-increasing role in the furniture industry and as one of the leading producers of self-adhesive tapes, tesa® is well placed to offer a wide range of fastening, masking and packaging solutions for the sector.

Whether lightweight construction, new materials, material mix or complex designs, the requirements in furniture construction are more and more demanding. To ensure furniture manufacturers can satisfy customer requests and at the same time streamline production, tesa has developed several special solutions for furniture production.

From decorative trims, flexible dust protection strips and door stop trims, through to window screens, window bars, mirror mounting processes and packaging solutions, tesa has an assortment of tapes to meet the increasing demands of today’s furniture manufacturers.

tesa is helping furniture designers to transform their ideas into reality and react quickly to trends. By contributing to simple, fast assembly, tesa tapes increase efficiency during production, offering a dependable, permanent hold. Using double-sided tapes can often help designers achieve improved aesthetics as the tape creates an invisible bond, unlike screws and other more traditional fixings.

To meet the continually changing requirements in the design and production of furniture, tesa has developed a selection of double-sided foam tapes in thickness, ranging from 0.5mm to 3mm to support the trend toward lightweight, time-saving, and low-cost systems of fixing parts.

With tesa double-sided tapes, decorative trim made of PVC, MDF, wood, or aluminium can be fixed to glass or other furniture surfaces using tesa® 51970, a filmic tape providing a secure bond on difficult surfaces and tesa® 62505, a PE foam tape suitable for slightly rough surfaces. At the same time, these tapes are suitable for nearly any geometric shape. Dust-reduction brushes, doorstops and corner profiles can also be installed quickly, securely and invisibly.

In the mounting of mirrors onto furniture fronts, tesa® 4952 (certified by LGA  – Governmental Institution of Trade as suitable for fixing mirrors on doors and interior furniture), provides high, immediate bonding strength on various substrates, durable holding power and reliable performance.
tesa® ACXplus  acrylic foam tapes are ideal for mounting LED strips, decorative glass panels and glass doors.  Double-sided tapes are also used in furniture sample assembly, providing temporary mounting during production, as well as permanent mounting of flexible materials and surfaces like fabric, leather and decoration film.

tesa foam adhesive tapes are the first choice for installing window panes made of glass or plastic in aluminium or wood frames and for applying muntins to the panes themselves. These tapes also prevent rattling and absorb impacts.  Heavy, large elements such as full-length mirrors on closet doors can also be reliably and permanently fixed with tesa tapes.

Double-sided foam tapes also play a major role in getting furniture through the distribution process undamaged. They hold inserts and backings in position and keep drawers closed during transportation. They fix the instructions and small parts in easy-to-find places, keep drawers and doors securely in position and they help to package large and small parts securely in cartons or plastic bags.

tesa® tapes are used in furniture making processes in many industries, including boat building.  A simple example is a low coat weight masking tape used in a boat restoration project.  During the masking application whilst using high quality leather, a competitor’s masking tape left a line after application and plucked the leather when removed.  The tesacohesion® team came up with a solution, using tesa® 7006 low tack masking tape which is especially suitable for delicate surfaces.

tesa double-sided tapes have many uses and offer outstanding flexibility in the manufacture, packaging and transportation of furniture.  With new fields of use continually being added to the range, tesa is set to play a major role in the furniture industry for many years to come.

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