Anticipating a huge surge in demand for smart home tech this Christmas, Britain’s largest supplier of smart home systems has launched a new smartphone app which allows control of up to 240 Internet of Things devices, such as smart thermostats, dimmer switches, curtains, power sockets – and even Christmas tree lights.

With a whole series of features likely to keep tech savvy loved ones occupied this Festive Season, this neat and easy-to-use app, which has just been launched for iOS systems, can be personalised with images of each area of control and operate up to 80 heating devices, meaning that even the largest of homes can be kept warm efficiently and effectively – but don’t forget to turn off the fire on Christmas Eve!

More than 30,000 homes in the UK now have LightwaveRF systems, with a further 10,000 on the European continent. And many more homes are fitted with LightwaveRF devices. Recent research from Barclays (Barclays Digital Homes Report) shows that 41 per cent of UK consumers live in a home with some kind of connected device. And in terms of which area of smart home technology people are most likely to invest in the future, heating was top of the list.

LightwaveRF’s app and thermostatic radiator valves allow remote control of temperature and monitoring of heat energy usage. Heating can be timed to come on and controlled from a smartphone or tablet whilst at home or away.


LightwaveRF proprietary Smart Home platform is one of the most affordable smart home systems on the market. Remote control of lights, heating and power can start from as little as £35, whilst remote smartphone control can be added for around £80. With limitless scope for expansion, the modular system can also be added to over time meaning users will never run out of Christmas present gift ideas.


The app also gives greater control over zones in the house of that are in use. For example, users can set heating to come on in the morning during the winter and exclude rooms unlikely be used whilst getting ready for work. In short it gives people the ability to micromanage heating.

Additionally, consumers might be considering investing in products such as smart ovens and televisions, which are starting to reach market, but LightwaveRF’s system is a great way of creating a connected home without replacing serviceable appliances. By installing a LightwaveRF socket (the same as wiring a plug) dumb appliances can be turned into smart appliances, allowing remote control and timed usage.


John Shermer, founder of LightwaveRF, says the new app is transforming the level of control people have over their homes.

He said: “The launch of this app is a pivotal moment for smart home technology. LightwaveRF developers have worked with our users, who so far have been early adopters of smart home technology, to create something ground-breaking and comprehensive and it is hitting the market as smart homes become mainstream.

“We’ve already seen downloads of the app trending on iOS App Store and really positive feedback from users. And we don’t plan to stop here. We’re certain that 2016 will be the year that smart home technology truly takes off in the UK. We’ll be developing our range and you will see more detailed monitoring and greater integration with other systems.”

LightwaveRF’s latest app features are:

  • All new user interface featuring quicker navigation and more intuitive menu structure
  • Image upload function, allowing personalisation of the interface
  • Automatic app synchronization with server and between smartphones
  • Optimized for iPad as well as iPhone
  • Ability to set the app to automatically open in a specific room or section on start-up
  • App now expanded to allow for 15 rooms, each of which can contain up to 16 devices
  • ‘Zones’ now included allowing grouping of rooms and devices
  • Independent control of up to 80 heating devices.

Android and web versions of the app are due to be released soon.

Based at Birmingham’s Innovation Campus, LightwaveRF’s package of internet-enabled, smartphone and web-controlled technology enables homeowners and businesses to remotely monitor and control their heating, lighting and power, reducing energy costs and usage.

The Smart Home platform is internationally unique in offering a comprehensive system that integrates energy, lighting and heating control, with a range of more than 100 products including dimmer switches, power sockets, handheld and wall-mounted remote controls, motion detectors and door sensors, as well as thermostats and radiator valves that allow room-by-room heating control.

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