Solution to quicker, greener and easier construction launched

The product, SureCav25 is a revolutionary building product that provides the solution to several building design issues.

SureCav25 is a 100% recycled, polypropylene panel that forms the cavity and is a new addition to the SureCav50 panel, which has been a trusted building product since 2004.

SureCav25 is ideally suited for brick, stone and all other masonry finishes and can be installed with either traditional build or timber frame construction.

One of the benefits of SureCav25 is to increase the space for extra insulation, satisfying the demand for lower U-Values.

SureCav25 provides the best solution for designers to improve the thermal integrity of the building, as well as ensuring a consistent 25mm clear cavity.

With Surecav25 in a 100mm cavity you can achieve a 25mm clear air gap, 75mm of insulation to help drive down U-Values to 0.18 W/m2K plus a moisture and mortar barrier to combat water ingress from wind driven rain.

In stone built properties, SureCav25 removes the need for backing blocks, reducing the wall width by as much as 150mm which translates up to 6% in floor space gain in a typical dwelling. This also leaves space for extra insulation in the property if required.

On an 80 house site, for example, SureCav25 can give a floor area gain equivalent to the area of one extra dwelling – but more importantly, developers can utilise this gain effectively, enhancing the value of the property.

Builders will save time, money and effort compared to the buying, transporting and the installing of concrete backing blocks.

Additionally, SureCav25 is lightweight, easy to transport, eco-friendly, durable and fully approved by the BBA and LABC. It is currently pending approval from the NHBC.

The product is the brainchild of Charlie Ayers, a building entrepreneur who wanted to improve upon the SureCav50, and who has four decades of experience in the building sector.

Charlie said: “SureCav50 has been adopted by architects, specifiers and builders countrywide as a proven way of saving time, money and enhancing the quality of their project.

“Now, with the introduction of SureCav25, much more can be achieved that will readily meet the demanding requirements of building designers.

“No other product can prevent water penetration in this way and still have so many practical, monetary and logistical advantages.”