Discover the Newest Surface Innovations at Surface Design Show 2016

Surface Design Show 2016, incorporating Light School takes place at the Business Design Centre, London from 9 – 11 February. SDS16 is set to feature over 150 national and international exhibitors many of which will unveil new surfaces designed specifically for the design and construction industries.

Since its inception in 2005 the show has become the destination for industry people to see, touch and explore the latest materials for the built environment, gain new insights and network with like-minded designers, architects and suppliers.

Surface Design Show is the only UK trade show purely focusing on surfaces where visitors are able to find the newest innovations and trends in Surface Design all under one roof.

Highlighted below are just a few of the surfaces that will be introduced at Surface Design Show 2016 and Light School which is incorporated within the show.

New for 2016 is the Stone Gallery which will highlight the very best of natural stone available on the UK market. Exhibitors will include Oxford Granites, Mathios Refractories, Marmoles Serrat, Amarestone and Building Adhesives.

New products being showcased will include a flexible lighting system from Concreate (stand 106) called Concreate Light. The system consists of concrete wall panels with an integrated magnetic lighting system allowing for magnetic light fixtures to be placed anywhere along the magnetic track. The flexibility allows users to place and remove the shaped light elements wherever their preference, to create the desired atmosphere.

Also new at the show is Blanka from Rockfon (stand 154) the “whitest ceiling tile ever.” Blanka was developed to take suspended ceilings to the next level. Rockfon Managing Director, Anders Juhl Thomsen explainsThe architects said they want a ceiling that combines aesthetics – especially whiteness and smoothness – also with technical performance, such as fire resistance and acoustics”.To achieve a ‘whiter than white’ finish a specialist coating sourced from the US space industry was applied to a high performance stone wool core creating a significantly whiter finish. The versatility of the tile also includes qualities such as; easy installation, long life span, anti-static and outstanding light reflection and diffusion properties making it a suitable product for many applications.

Showcasing at SDS16 will be Heliot & Co, a new brand inspired by the Directors’ business trip to Japan. A fresh and playful surface design company, offering decorative finishes for the interior design industry (stand IC/3.) The latest addition to their range is Tokyo, a ceramic triangular tile that uses its angular formations to create texture and geometric patterns. The surface based artwork boasts tactile aesthetics that are unique and modern for contemporary spaces.

Evan James Design (stand IC/7) will be exhibiting the first stages of their new development with award winning product designer Adam Davies at the show. The collaboration is a development of their signature wall covering to incorporate light and sound, creating the complete interior package. The first stage, being featured at the show will be a collection of sensory wall covering samples demonstrating the addition of light; utilising the latest innovations in sensory technology.

New for 2016 from Grestec Tiles is Glide, a porcelain wall tile (stand 200). The inspiration of Glide originates from the aesthetics and touch of glass. Glide introduces a colour palette based on warm elegant shades of neutral and intense colours with bold and sought-after hues. Glide allows for contemporary and unique design schemes for commercial interiors for a fresh and innovative look.

Amongst the many other exhibitors launching new products at Surface Design Show 2016 will be Quartz (stand 424) and Fila Industria Chimica Spa (stand 368). Others exhibiting new products are ITC Natural Luxury Flooring (stand 628), Gerflor (stand 306), Soundtect (stand 410), Cheville Parquet (stand 464), Float Glass Design (stand 152), Nora Flooring (stand 240), Trend Ceilings (stand IC/5), Vescom (stand 220).

Professionals can attend for free by registering via the website

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