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The use of tesa® 4952 double-sided tapes to provide high strength and immediate bonding of mirrors to furniture is helping manufacturers to satisfy consumer demand and improve their manufacturing processes at the same time.

The increasing use of mirrors as an integral element of furniture design is not simply a product of the modern consumer’s vanity.  Mirrors offer an added dimension to any room, strategic positioning will reflect light, enhance the colour values of the décor and open up space to create the illusion of a bigger room.  The effect of placing a light source in front of a mirrored surface is to give it an added quality and a mirror next to or opposite a window gives the impression of adding another window to the room.

The good news for manufacturers is that the application of tesa® 4952 offers them a rapid, reliable and efficient element of the production process.  At just 1.15mm thick and  made of a medium strength PE foam, the recommendation is for 61cm2 of tape to be applied vertically per 1kg of glass. Whether on wardrobes, occasional furniture, dressing and vanity units or bathroom cabinets, the product will give high instant bonding strength and durability over time.

This is true across a variety of substrates used in furniture manufacture, including wood, MDF, acrylics, glass and many plastics.  As a further reassurance about lasting performance tesa® 4952 is certified by the LGA Governmental Institution of Trade covering “the suitability of double-sided foam tape to fix mirrors on furniture surfaces”.  The test included observation of performance in a climatised room and the creep strength of the product was extrapolated up to a period of ten years.

The use of tesa® 4952 also allows furniture manufacturers to provide the best aesthetic results, with the hidden bond offering designers clean, uncluttered lines free from any mechanical fixings.  In an industry where cost-effectiveness in production goes hand-in-hand with contemporary design requirements, tesa’s solution meets both sets of requirements.

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