A decade without cutting your lawn?

A garden should be a joy and the very best lawns are always picture-perfect.  But the prospect of mowing the lawn every summer weekend for well over the next decade is enough to put anyone off.

The answer is Wonderlawn.   Virtually maintenance free and certainly without mowing, our latest natural-feeling artificial grass gives you a soft-to-the-touch yet incredibly hardwearing flawless lawn.  It never gets churned up, and you get no more moss or boggy areas – so it always looks smart – year after year, summer, winter autumn and spring, no-matter what the British weather and hose bans throw at it.

Added to that there’s no more edging, feeding, weed-killing or scarifying; and no more of that tediously pushing a mower up and down when you’d could be playing with the kids or enjoying a summer Pimms or BBQ with your friends.

No more muddy feet, muddy lawns, muddy children, clothes, pets and floors – your garden becomes an effortless place to play, relax, entertain and admire.  And with a quarter of UK homes no longer having a real-grass lawn, it has become easier, quicker and cheaper than you think.

Wonderlawns are a far cry from the artificial grasses of a few years ago – new technologies and installation methods allow us to shape each individual blade to make the lawn naturally soft, yet keep the grass standing upright and looking great, even after years of hard use.

Wonderlawn-Garden-2 Wonderlawn-with-dog

Technology also eliminates that nasty ammonia smell that remains after a dog relieves itself on the lawn, and even makes it easier to clear away dog mess than it is with real grass.

With a comprehensive ten year guarantee on every lawn and installation, you can rest assured of considerably more than a decade’s hard-wearing use, yet still end up with a soft and natural feeling lawn that’s as pretty as a picture.

Wonderlawn Garden Wonderlawn-G