A World Apart: Full Of Privilege & Class

A World Apart: Full Of Privilege & Class

Situated in Campoamor, just south of Alicante is a hidden paradise. On Las Colinas, built into a valley running between the hills, you can find the perfect hideaway for sun, gourmet dining, golf, yachting and most importantly; decadent living.

Built to the highest specification and designed by the prestigious architect Woods Bagot, are beautifully presented Villas. These aren’t just well designed villas, they are built to your exact standards. The house will be designed from the start by yourselves. Therefore, you deceide what view to have in the morning, whether it be the fairway on the 13th or looking across to the sea, you can decide.

The interiors have been carefully constructed with top of the range suppliers such as Hansgrohe and Shuco and Las Colinas have worked with Pepe Leal for some inspired design work (see over for interview).

The buildings over so much light, from the soaring Spanish sun, with the wonderful sliding glass doors and plentiful windows. The washrooms and kitchens are installed with ultimate features, giving the polished finishing touches that only top residences can offer.

Once you’ve had your new house designed and are ready to move in, you can start to enjoy your surroundings. Inside the private, gated estate you will find one of the best golf courses in Europe. Designed by Cabell B.Robinson, with a 71 par course over 18 holes, this championship venue will give you the trickiest of times and provide you with unlimited enjoyment.

Finish your round and venture into the Club House, where you have a choice of eateries and the newly designed bar.

UNiK CAFÉ offers traditional Spanish fayre, with the tapas starter a huge stand out. Different meat and fish delights with beautifully homemade bread. Enso Sushi Bar will provide you with a taste of Japan, delicately flavoured dishes produced with the famous eye to detail.

Improving both of the restaurants are the views from the club house. With the sun setting over the sea and the lavish course surrounding you, it’s hard to imagine a more perfect end to the day.

Campoamor, 2010

Whether Las Colinas is your everyday home or your sunshine getaway, it’ll be a tough task to get bored.

The sun, golf and food aren’t all that they can offer.

Within the hills is the International School of Falconry, with the most enthusiastic instructor you could hope to meet, you’ll become an expert in no time. Providing you with everything you need, including the gauntlet and bags et al, you only have to remember comfortable shoes and your camera. Being so close to such regal animals as the Hawks, Owls and Kestrels, is an experience you’ll never forget. Individuals and parties are welcome.

If you’d prefer to relax away from the pool, how about a sailing trip? Having the boat for the day, in the hands of your knowledgeable and affable captain, you can sail around the Med, fishing, sun bathing, swimming and relaxing. Food is provided on the trip, along with all drinks required, whether soft or alcoholic, as well as all the fishing and snorkelling equipment. Nothing is too much to ask for the crew.

If the golf, the dining, the sailing and the falconry wasn’t enough, then lastly you can enjoy the delights of the seaside from the secluded Beach Club at Le Glea beach. With an infinity pool, cocktails served ice cold and a view of the full beach, it’s the ideal place to while away those summer trips.

Having experienced Las Colinas ourselves, we struggle to find the right words to justify just how incredible this place is. It really is something to discover for yourself and no doubt, you’ll be longing to stay.

For any enquiries into the purchasing of a property, rentals or any of the experiences covered, please contact us by either email ([email protected]) or by phone on 01843 446212.

The Man Behind The Design

Pepe Leal graduated in Art History and this degree provided him with the theoretical base in order to launch himself in the world of interior design. He continued his training in the United Kingdom where he learnt decorative painting. After studying interior design courses at London Polytechnic, he returned to Spain with new creative ideas.

Since 1996 Leal has consolidated his position as one of the rising stars of interior design and decoration and he has carried out an array of high-profile projects.

Home Designer & Architect: You were the interior designer selected by Las Colinas Golf & Country Club to decorate the UNiK restaurant. What was the creative concept behind the design?

Pepe Leal: We were asked to decorate a restaurant that had already been built so we had to work within certain limitations or, better said, there was already a defined line to depart from … Some materials were already in place, lighting etc. So one of our challenges was to design a project that adapted to the existing framework. We opted for a Club-style restaurant, in other words, elegant, sophisticated but also understated and simple, where the cuisine was clearly the star of the show. We wanted to give it a warm feel as there was already lots of marble and stone at floor level so we added wood to the walls and wooden furniture. The result is a welcoming, timeless and elegant restaurant. The same concept was applied to all the other areas in the Clubhouse, even the toilets.

LC Image 5

HDA: Are you satisfied with the results of your work?

PL: Yes, very satisfied.  I think we have fulfilled the objectives and the result is that the restaurant is always full, which is what it is all about.

HDA: Apart from collaborating with the resort, have you tried out Las Colinas as a guest?

PL: Yes, of course. I think it’s a very special place. I have seen very few golf courses that take such pains with the smallest details. Attention to detail can be seen in the superb customer service through to the careful landscaping of the resort.

HDA: And the homes you have designed?

PL: It’s a very special resort and its logo “A world apart “describes it very well. It really is ” a world apart” in comparison to other golf courses in the area, especially because it is such a beautiful spot where landscaping and the symbiosis between nature and housing is exquisitely balanced.  The homes reflect this sense of balance and are full of great details.  I think they are excellent option for a second home as you can enjoy nature and the beach surrounded by stunning countryside, as well as peace and quiet, which is so difficult to find in today’s world.  Ten out of ten!

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