New Trends for a New Year: How Tristone can help you

Solid surface manufacturers Tristone is backing recent industry news that suggests 2016 will see more houses renovated with unique design features geared towards the individual, as house prices are set to rise by as much as 10%. Industry comment pieces show that trends for kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms are moving towards ensuring the home is designed around lifestyle, something that Tristone has been prioritising since its conception.

Busy day to day lifestyle and rising house prices have been influencing interior design over the past decade, and the restrictive buyer’s market has put more emphasis on altering your house to suit the individual, as opposed to moving. Designers and homeowners are dedicating spaces for home and work life, and uniquely tailored interiors are gaining popularity. Those who want extra-large islands for cooking, or larger bathroom surfaces for getting ready in the morning, and any other design requirements that are particular to the individual are becoming more accessible for everyone, thanks to manufacturers such as Tristone.

With many companies providing pre-designed kitchens or bathrooms, and offering the chance to ‘design your own’ at extortionate rates, Tristone allows the consumer to create their dream interior with competitive prices that won’t break the bank.

Unlike other solid surface traders, Tristone is uniquely compatible to this trend, due to its absolute flexibility in design. The product can be thermoformed into any shape for any space, providing the customer with freedom to plan their interior around them. It can also be seamlessly integrated with other materials, and produced in a huge range of colours, enabling the homeowner to get the specific aesthetic details that suit them.

Howard Noh, Managing Director of Tristone Ltd comments “Tristone will be able to realise this trend for people who are unable to afford to commission a full kitchen design, but still want flexibility, unique features and a quality finish. We encourage customers to have a look at some of our previous work on our website to see the kind of things we can achieve with such a flexible product.”

A selection of previous work by Tristone can be found at

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