Following the success of the HydroTap G4, which was launched last year, Zip has released three striking new tap designs for the residential market. The elegant Arc, contemporary Cube and minimalist Elite have been developed to offer more choice of styles for interior designers and architects, who can now specify a product that has all the benefits of the HydroTap coupled with striking design.

The Arc features an elegant, curved ‘swan neck’ design, making it perfect for both classic and modern surroundings. The Cube’s cutting-edge appearance ensures it is a design statement in its own right, while the Elite is compact and sophisticated. All three styles are designed to complement any kitchen, while still offering filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water, instantly.

Featuring the same functionality and technology as the current G4 models, such as the advanced 0.2 micron filtration system, excellent energy efficiency and compact under-sink command centre, the new taps will to appeal to those who crave style as well as substance.

150414_ZipIndustries2_DS_CEL_ARC_BC_0490 14.23.24The new designs can offer any combination of filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water, and can be situated away from a sink with the use of a font kit. In addition, the new Celsius Arc and Cube mean consumers can choose to have these tap styles as their main mixer tap, which provides hot and cold with either filtered boiling or filtered chilled and sparkling water.

“We’re hugely excited about the new tap designs,” comments Zip’s head of marketing and residential Russell Owens. “The feedback on the G4 has been excellent – people love the ability to have great tasting, pure water at the touch of a button, with the addition of sparkling, and not to mention the convenience of boiling.

“The new designs mean customers can now have it all – the most advanced drinking water appliance in the world that looks stunning in any surrounding.”

The taps are available now and come in a range of finishes; bright chrome, brushed chrome, gloss black and matt black.

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