Awards based on independently collected and purchase verified customer reviews show that
transparency in review collection reaps rewards!

Feefo, the world’s most trusted verified reviews platform, has just announced the businesses accredited with the ‘Trusted Merchant’ status for 2016.  The accolade – which is given to national and international merchants that have received consistently high scores in their Feefo customer service reviews throughout the year – has been awarded to over 1400 businesses this year.

Merchants sharing their #FeefoTrusted awards resulted in a UK Twitter surge as family businesses and international corporations alike celebrated their success online.

As a concept that is now in its third year, businesses need to have an average customer satisfaction service rating of between 85% and 100% in order to receive the acknowledgement.  2016 has seen well-known brands lead the way when it comes to excellent customer service with businesses including Axa, Hiscox, Expedia, Phase Eight, Charles Twyritt, Radley, Thomas Cook, Party Pieces and Trafalgar, excelling in delivering a great customer service experience.  

From Travel to Retail, Tool Supply to Motors, Hardware to Healthcare and Finance to Food – Merchants are showing that independently collected, purchaser verified reviews are the best way to feed business insights and customer satisfaction.

With Feefo, only genuine customers who have made a purchase are invited to leave feedback, eliminating the phenomenon of fake or biased reviews whilst also meaning that those who have picked up the accreditation are truly deserving of the recognition.

Andrew Mabbutt, chief executive of Feefo commented, “I am delighted to be announcing an impressive group of businesses who have been awarded our ‘Trusted Merchants’ certification this year.  In 2016 the qualifying merchant’s average service rating is a remarkable 91.5% – meaning that more than nine out of 10 of their customers are receiving a positive experience.

However, for those industries and businesses that are currently falling a little short of qualifying, we would urge them to continue to monitor their customer’s sentiment and take action. In this fast paced and competitive market, genuine customer feedback is essential for measuring a businesses’ success, issues and of course reputation, and utilising customer feedback efficiently will certainly help a business achieve success.”