The Salisbury Plain Heritage Centre has appointed Artelia to cost manage a new Military Heritage Museum

Artelia has been appointed as Cost Consultant by Royal Artillery Museums Ltd for The Salisbury Plain Heritage Centre project; the aim being to deliver a new home for the Royal Artillery Collection at Larkhill in Wiltshire. The new centre will display the collection in an expertly designed building that will provide an engaging, modern and dynamic environment. They will be offering an immersive visitor experience and varied learning opportunities for visitors of all ages and backgrounds.

The collection is of international importance and designated under the scheme administered by Arts Council England. The displays have achieved excellent recognition and the museum itself has attained accreditation status from ACE recognising its commitment to managing the collection effectively for the enjoyment and benefit of users.

To realise its full potential, a programme has been set up to relocate it to a completely new heritage attraction. This will create a new home for the Royal Artillery collection, where it can be protected for future generations and made accessible to the public through exhibitions, learnings and activities.

Simon Cash, Director of Cost Consultancy at Artelia says:

“Artelia is delighted to be involved in this elegant building that facilitates a unique visitor experience, maximising the appreciation of its settings and views across the historic Salisbury Plain Training Area.”

Artelia has a broad spectrum of experience in the heritage, museum and cultural sector, having worked on prestigious projects such Bletchley Park, The Novium, Fishbourne Roman Palace, Chatham Historic Dockyard, and National Museum of the Royal Navy. Artelia has also recently been appointed for the restoration and conservation of Canterbury Cathedral, Nottingham Castle and St Albans Cathedral.

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