The Interiors Group has fitted out a multi-purpose office and showroom space for Electrolux, a global leader in home and professional appliances.

Electrolux is at the forefront of designing revolutionary and innovative products for the international market, and briefing The Interiors Group and interior designers PAC Studios, they hoped for a new office space and showroom to illustrate this.

Working together, the team introduced colour into the space, choosing a bright, bold, blue carpet mirroring the company colours of the Electrolux logo. They have introduced further splashes and bright jewel tones of orange and light blue colours in the carpets around the open and welcoming reception area.

Instead of walls to offices, meeting rooms and board room, The Interiors Group introduced double glazed partitions which create a private environment with no noise infiltration while allowing light and energy to flow through the building, it feels spacious and professional.

The Interiors Group also installed the lighting, utilising a mix of spot lights and track lights which, combined with the use of glass partitions instead of thick walls and the high ceiling, work to create a bright and airy atmosphere and optimises use of the space.

The spot lights used in the reception and kitchen showroom are iconic, unique lighting which opens out in an A-Line shape allowing maximum efficiency and lighting of the space.

The showrooms were designed to create a homely feel, demonstrating their products as they should be seen and suggesting ways their products could be arranged in order to make the best use of space, yet still creating a sleek finish.

The Interiors Group are a 29 year old leading Design and Build office fit out company and have offices in London, Dublin, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. They are widely proven and trusted by both clients and professional project managers to deliver business environments on time and on budget.

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