The beauty of bespoke sliding doors with Woodstock Furniture

Luxury furniture maker Woodstock Furniture may be renowned for designing and creating bespoke, fitted furniture for the home, but they are also experts at designing unique doors. Sliding doors are one of Woodstock Furniture’s specialities and this design will ensure there is no obvious interruption between two spaces, which instantly sets them apart from double doors.

Chief designer and managing director Andrew Hall says: “The beauty of a bespoke, sliding door is that we can create something, which will fit in neatly with your existing design in both spaces. You can have a finish in line with your living room furniture on one side while the other side of the door could be designed to match your kitchen area.

In this example, a door, measuring 2.4mH by 2mW, made from walnut with a distinctive grain has been designed to run in a reveal along one wall behind matching, bespoke walnut shelving. When the door is closed, a panelled effect creates a more coherent finish and instantly adds more interest to the living space. On the kitchen side, the door has not only been spray-painted in a fresh, off-white shade to match the walls but features a unique, abstract art design, influenced by the homeowner’s love of the artist Ben Nicholson.

Woodstock Furniture designs and creates bespoke, fitted furniture in Britain for every room in the home. This sliding door cost around £4,675, and with the walnut display cabinet, delivery and installation, the total cost is £9, 350. For more information, contact Woodstock Furniture on 020 8876 0131 or visit

Bespoke sliding door