Microhome with moving walls addresses UK housing crisis

Microhome QB3 – part of the University of Hertfordshire’s Cube Project  – has debuted at the Edinburgh International Science Festival. QB3 has just 18m2 of floor area, but uses two moving walls to convert different parts of the space between lounge, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

 QB3 provides a flexible and modern home for a single person or a couple and is optimised for energy use.  It uses two heat pumps (for heating and hot water), heat-recovery ventilation, LED lighting and TV, A++-rated appliances, triple-glazing and excellent insulation. There is also the option of a green roof, with solar photovoltaic panels, that would make QB3 energy neutral over a typical year.


Dr Mike Page, Director of the Cube Project, said: “Low-energy microhomes like QB3 can play a crucial role in providing affordable housing. There are plenty of small, underused spaces, especially in cities, in which these fun, practical buildings can play a useful role in addressing housing needs”.

Microhome QB3 can be viewed at the Edinburgh International Science Festival, The Mound Precinct, Edinburgh EH2 2EL.