FSC timber planters: New designs, hints and tips

Timber planters are popular with those looking for a natural look, or as a neutral base on which to display colourful container plants or to paint a desired colour.  But what should you be looking out for when buying a wooden planter? 

Forest, timber garden product specialist, has some great hints and tips to aid in your search – as well as seven new planter designs to inspire you to get growing this year.


Although you don’t need to worry about drilling any holes in timber planters (Forest planters allow excess moisture to drain through specially designed slits in the bottom), you may need to think about adding some blocks of polystyrene, broken ceramic pots or gravel to stop compacted compost obstructing drainage.  You can also employ special ground cover fabric – available from any garden centre or DIY store – to further extend the life of your planter. Simply staple to the inside and if necessary, create extra holes so that water can drain through and the roots have a chance to breathe.


The common misconception with timber planters is that their lifespan is much less than that of other containers such as plastic and terracotta. However, with modern factory applied preservation methods, wooden planters, particularly Forest’s, come pressure treated with a 15-year guarantee – double or even triple the life of other materials.


When buying timber garden products, it’s essential to consider the environment – despite the fact you are buying a natural product.  Forest’s planters are all made from wood approved by the Forestry Stewardship Council, so you can be assured that your planter is from a responsible supplier that ensures trees are replanted as part strict sustainable forestry guidelines.


Size matters when it comes to planters – and that includes the space in which you have to place them.  If you’re growing potatoes, carrots, leeks and other root vegetables the old rule applies – the taller the plant, the bigger the root system.  Therefore, we can translate that as – the bigger the pot, the bigger the crop!  Most Forest planters are at least 30cm deep, ideal for salads and herbs, and go all the way up to 150cm – more than enough to benefit most plants.  A bigger planter will hold more nutrients, need less watering and therefore reduce the stress on your plants, keeping growth steady and prevent bolting – useful for herbs such as coriander and rocket.  Bay trees and other larger plants are a popular choice for container growing, just remember to feed during the growing season.  If you’re buying planters for your balcony however, you might want to choose a smaller size as one drawback to large planters are their weight, particularly when filled with compost, plants and water.


Timber planters can be placed anywhere in the garden, just remember to water plants more if they are in full sun, less if they are in shade and to protect less hardy species during cold weather especially if they are in an open, exposed area.

New planters from Forest

Made in the UK from pressure treated FSC timber – the new designs add a unique contemporary feel and are suitable for growing fruit, vegetables and herbs in urban or rural environments.

The Forest Durham planter set, SRP £99.99, is a unique 3-in-1 design, with the small and medium planters stacking neatly inside the larger one measuring 330cm by 90 by 50cm deep.  The easy to store and move 3-in-1 motif continues with the Forest Kendal Square planter set, SRP £79.99 (with the largest planter measuring 330 x 50 x 50cm) and the uniquely shaped Forest York Hexagonal planter set, SRP £79.99 (330 x 52 x 60cm).  For a more contemporary look, try the Forest Nova square planter, RRP £99.99 (60 x 50 x 50) which features smooth planed horizontal sections at intervals for style and sturdiness.  The Nova Rectangular planter, SRP £119.99 measures 70 x 90 x 25cm (from top to bottom), features identical modern lines and is ideal for placing by walls or to create a streamlined patio border.

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Forest products are available from garden centres and general retailers across the country, as well as online.  All products, unless stated otherwise, are pressure treated and guaranteed against rot for 15 years.  Home delivery is included in all prices listed.  For local stockists, and more ideas for better garden storage, visit www.forestgarden.co.uk

Forest Lomello planter SRP _159.99