Less Is More: 10 Perfect Pinterest Accounts for a Minimalist Lifestyle

From the time we are born, we are pushed to have more and to be more. Understandably, our parents are a driving force behind this mindset because many of them want more for their children than they had. But, this isn’t the only place we are inundated with the “have more and be more” mindset: Ads on the internet, billboards, TV, radio, magazines and newspapers show us every day that more is better. Consequently, many of us stress ourselves out working long hours so that we can spend our money on the fanciest cars, biggest homes, trendiest fashions, coolest gadgets and the most popular toys. Many of us are doing a good job at keeping up with the Joneses. But is it really worth it?

Deep down, we know that our happiness cannot be bought at the local Walmart and more isn’t necessarily better. However, we’ve been told that for so long it can be hard to snap out of the usual cycle of material accumulation. This is where we come in: Today, we discuss 10 Pinterest boards that are ideal for people who yearn for a minimalist lifestyle, giving you some ideas of how to get started or how to take your minimalism to the next level.

Minimalist Apartment

This minimalistic board will show you everything you need to know about small-apartment design. It features pictures for inspiration, tips to help you decorate your minimalist home and more.

Architecture – Minimalist

This board is run by aLETHES aRCHITECTURE, a workshop for research and development in the domain of architecture, design, urban planning, photography and digital art.

Warm Minimalism

This board goes to show that minimalist architecture and interior design need not always be defined by cool concrete surfaces. Natural materials with a warm hue are collated, with designs by John Pawson featuring prominently.

Japanese Minimalism

Ben Leeming’s board is dedicated to the undisputed kings and queens of Minimalism: Japanese architects and designers. Dive in for countless blind façades, serene interiors and barely a speck of dust in sight.


This board is operated by Rah Chai and has information that will teach you about becoming a minimalist, getting rid of clutter and much more. It features minimalist quotes, design inspiration and tips to help you begin living a minimalist life today.

Minimalism – In Pursuit of a Simple Life

This board is run by Sage Gardens and features minimalist quotes, interesting reads about the lifestyle and simple tips to help you get started.

Minimal Lifestyle

This board is run by Minimal Spirit, a blogger who loves sharing her passion for the organic and minimalist lifestyle. It features everything that you need to know to simplify your lifestyle including tips that will teach you how to minimize your life for a month, learning how to live with less and much more. It also features links to minimalist podcasts, fashion design ideas and lots of cool quotes.

The Minimalist Life: Less Is More

This board is run by Dana Byers and features suggestions, pictures and ideas that will help you live a minimalist lifestyle. Some specific examples of what you can find here include 15 minimalist hacks to maximize your life, how to build a minimalist wardrobe, minimalist kitchen essentials and more.


This board is led by Beckham Edwards, who is a self-professed nerd, reader and writer. Her board details things that inspired her when she decided to live a more simple life, tips that helped her focus on enjoying the present moment and leaving materialism behind. It features helpful videos, decorating inspiration, tips on becoming a minimalist and helpful quotes.