Pure Indulgence with Pure Whirlpool Baths…

For those of us who cannot afford a weekly wellbeing pilgrimage, a bathroom remodel can offer an indulgent spa experience and even add value to the home. A win win scenario!

A bathroom can get an extravagant “makeover” with the Pure Whirlpool collection from Smiths Briten. Featuring two types of jet massage, ambient lighting, and deluxe one and two-person baths, the range offers luxury without the luxury price-tag!

Whirlpool jets create a powerful hydro massage by feeding air through the water, and are arranged to target pressure points for maximum stress relief. The spa jets enhance the effect, releasing a soft stream of bubbles to create a massaging wave throughout the bath.

For the ultimate spa experience, an innovative underwater lighting system will convert your bathroom into a multisensory haven. The Colour Glow Lights alternate between 7 soothing hues for total relaxation.

Featuring budget-friendly or luxurious double-ended baths, with both space-saving and stately size options, the Whirlpool collection features something for every home. Dissolve into wellness this season…

Whirlpool options can be added to selected Pure baths. Jet systems vary from: 6-Jet Whirlpool (6 standard whirlpool jets): £499, to Deluxe Combination System (10 whirlpool jets, 12 spa jets, and Colour Glow underwater lights): £1,475. Prices include jet system only.

Elite Bath Whirlpool (Lifestyle) RS 2

From Right: Elite Whirlpool Bath: £699; Tenbury Whirlpool Bath: £799 (prices include bath and whirlpool system).

Tenbury Bath Whirlpool (Lifestyle) RS 3

For images and info please contact Hana or Marie at Simpler PR 01494 793502 [email protected]

www.purebathroomcollection.co.uk / 0845 634 4321