Platform Lift for the Dyfi Osprey Project

The Dyfi Osprey Project is a Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust flagship project, located on the Cors Dyfi Reserve near Machynlleth on the west coast of mid Wales. The project started in January 2009 with the aim of supporting and conserving the osprey population in Wales. There is a visitor centre located onsite to allow the general public a chance to see these rare birds in their natural habitat.

In order for the project to be accessible by all, the two floor centre decided that a platform lift would allow wheelchair access to the upper floor of the centre. They set up a camera and lift appeal to help raise money for the project. In 2016, a grant was awarded that helped cover the cost of the lift and installation.

Invalifts was chosen to supply and install the lift, as their MC2000 Platform Lift was available with a glazed shaft at the upper level to maximise light and allow views of the beautiful scenery. Invalifts co-ordinated the installation of the lift with the centre so that the lift would be installed before the return of the ospreys.

The installation had the additional challenge that the delivery vehicle for the parts would have to drop off over 500 metres away from the building, due to the remote location. Volunteers worked under the instruction of the Invalifts engineers to transport the parts by hand to the lift install area.

The Dyfi Osprey Project was thrilled with the results, describing the ability to see Monty the Osprey for the first time in the feather as ‘Priceless!’.

To find out more about the MC2000 platform lift, you can give Invalifts a call on 0845 468 2543 and speak to one of their friendly experts or visit
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