Engineered oak the natural choice for kitchens

As one of the most lived-in rooms in the home, the kitchen deserves every ounce of design attention particularly when keynote decisions, such as flooring choice, are being made.

With Quick-Step’s extensive engineered wood collection homeowners can choose from the smooth, polished grain of Pure Oak, the modern washed effect of Polar Oak and the rustic knot and swirl marks of Rough Grey Oak, in a variety of statement plank lengths and widths.

Not only does this portfolio hold an oak design and shade to suit any home, there’s no need to flinch when introducing from a practical perspective. Due to engineered wood’s layered construction, these floors will not expand and contract with humidity changes, making them ideal for kitchens even if you’ve plumped for underfloor heating.

Consolidating a reputation for beautiful looks with a practical edge, Quick-Step’s engineered wood collection is now available in an Extra Matt finish, combining the maintenance benefits of a lacquer with the matt aesthetic of an oil. Truly, the best of both worlds!

Quick-Step Imperio Nougat Oak, showcased, priced £67.99 per square metre,

QUICK-STEP Kitchen Oak