Northumbria University, Newcastle, celebrates the next generation of creative talent at New Designers

Talented Northumbria University’s Design for Industry and 3D Design graduates showcased their innovative projects at the UK’s most important exhibition for emerging design. A creative method of exposing children to healthier food options, a diagnosis kettle and a range of products to combat animal anxiety are among the works displayed by Northumbria University students at this year’s New Designers event in London.

The exhibition, which will run until 9 July 2016, offers students the opportunity to showcase their skills and creativity, and mingle with industry experts and fellow students in an environment aimed at celebrating upcoming creative talent.


Kate Williams’s ‘Anxiety’ collection. Copyright © Kate Williams.

Leading industry figures and visitors attending the exhibition will get the chance to appreciate the innovative and creative thought process behind graduate projects such as ‘Plank’. Northumbria University’s Design for Industry student Adam Galley designed this unique piece of furniture that accompanies its owner for life. It is a clever sheet of ply, pegboard on one side and a smooth surface on the other which, thanks to a collection of intelligent components, allow the user to create their own configuration in response to their own needs.


Adam Galley’s ‘Plank’. Copyright ©Neil Hall.

Callum Smith’s diagnosis kettle, ‘FrailTea’, allows for early recognition of frailty in order to better tailor care. The Northumbria student’s ingenious and socially aware design has been recognised at the RSA Student Design Awards this year and has also awarded him an internship with leading technological brand Philips.


‘FrailTea’ design project by Callum Smith. Copyright © Callum Smith.

Continuing the trend of socially conscious projects, Jonty Aveyard’s ‘Armourdilo’ is a gilet and hood designed for autism. Aimed at reducing the anxiety associated with travel for people with autism, the features of the garment are hidden and adaptable, rendering it more conspicuous and unique to other products on the market.


Jonty Aveyard’s ‘Armourdilo’ clothing piece. Copyright © Jonty Aveyard.

David O’Leary, Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader in the School of Design at Northumbria University, says: “I am extremely proud of Northumbria University’s talent on display at New Designers this year. Our students have worked consistently hard to produce projects that are truly innovative and practical, aimed at helping others and making a difference in today’s society. Some of our students’ work has already been recognised by the industry, with two of our students winning two RSA Student Design awards. “

Two students from the Design for Industry course, Lewis Power and Tom Leslie received the ‘John Lewis Loves’ awards for their inspiring projects. Lewis presented ‘Leon’, a lamp that can be manipulated with our hands, whilst Tom’s project, ‘In Search of Atmosphere’, prompts a conscious understanding of atmosphere and its inherent values through a considered interaction with light.

Northumbria University´s 3D Design students are also exhibiting their work at New Designers. Amongst the projects were kitchen tools specifically designed for those suffering from dyslexia and dyspraxia and a light pendant collection using alternative materials such as resin.

A full list of Northumbria University’s graduates who are displaying their creative designs at New Designers in London can be found on the University’s website: Northumbria University at New Designers 2016.

New Designers is open to the public from 2 July to 9 July 2016 at the Business Design Centre, London, N1. Further information can be found on