This extension is the unique solution conceived by Spatial Design Architects when they were commissioned by a private client for a large extension, loft conversion and complete refurbishment of a four storey house in Brentwood Essex.

The client wished for a contrast in appearance and architecture with the traditional brick facade and particularly wanted to use the old basement to connect with the garden.  This brief set the challenge because it was impossible to access within the existing building and the staircase has to be located outside.

The solution is the glass box on the extension roof which not only allows access from the ground floor to the basement extension but creates a unique focal point. The overall result is a fantastic space created for everyday cooking, eating and relaxing whilst having full enjoyment of the garden.

Project architect Brendon Robins says, “The detailing of the extension made this project in spite of many planning conditions placed on its approval and design. We feel that we found innovative ways to overcome all these while delivering the space required.  ‘Wow, it was definitely worth it!’ is how our client summed up this project.”

Spatial Design Architects is well-known for their strong focus on the design and delivery of unique homes, business extensions and commercial buildings, particularly in the south-east. Specialising in quality contemporary, sustainable and hybrid architecture, within the urban or countryside environment, their vision is to design form and function and to blur the divide between the internal and external spaces which individual home-owners, families, businesses and communities can enjoy, relax and work within.