August Interior Style Trends


Luxury bathroom company Hugo Oliver can reveal the key interior trends that have increased in the past couple of weeks. Based on Google trends data*, Hugo Oliver’s interior designer, Nancy Straughan, provides advice and tips on how to achieve the most sought after trends in your bathroom.



HugoOliverGreyBathThe colour grey is still as fashionable as ever and can act as a strong foundation to add other colours and design elements. Depending on how you use it, grey can act as a fantastic neutral backdrop to your bathroom or it can add glamour and depth.

Try combining grey with wooden accessories for a bathroom that will look contemporary and refined for years to come.


There are so many tones to choose from, a pale warm toned grey can add softness to a bathroom whilst a dark charcoal grey will add drama and bring out all the other features in the room.

Nancy Straughan, Interior Designer at Hugo Oliver said: “If you love the idea of including grey in your bathroom but you are unsure about where to start you could consider using grey grouting instead of the traditional white. Combining grey grouting with classic white subway tiles will immediately add in some trend points whilst still remaining understated. Grey grouting will help you add this new style to your bathroom without committing to a full grey colour scheme.”


Home spa:


A vital element of any spa like bathroom has to be a comfortable bath, whether you prefer a more modern or traditional style, a large and deep bath is a must have. The aim is to turn getting clean into a calming ritual so it is so important that your spa inspired bath is comfortable and has plenty of room to relax in.


Spa bathrooms are all about luxury, by adding in rain showers, free standing baths or his and hers sinks, a sense of spa like chic will be injected to your bathroom. If you have a large room, a frameless walk in shower is a great option as you will have ample room to pamper yourself.


Natural lighting is essential for any spa inspired bathroom and you can cheat this by adding in plenty of soft lighting options around the room. Adding in scented candles around the bath or on shelving will add a warm, comforting glow and pleasant aroma.


Keep you and your linens warm with clever space saving heating solutions. Under floor heating and towel rails are a must if you want to stay toasty. Bathroom technology is set to be big this year so stay on top of the trends by introducing anti-fog mirrors and sound systems that can play relaxing spa like music to you while you bath.

You can balance out that tech by bringing in some beautiful flowers like orchids and other natural elements like bamboo fibre towels. Keep accessories to a minimum to create a calm atmosphere, the last thing you want is a fussy over styled room.

Nancy Straughan, Interior Designer at Hugo Oliver said: “Make sure to add in plenty of candles and natural elements to your spa bathroom to keep things soft. There are many new and luxurious fabrics available now to inject some extra comfort to your spa bathroom, why not consider bamboo towels rather than standard cotton for extra softness? You could even try luxurious silk curtains or bathrobes to make the room feel even more special.”


Patterned Tiles:

We all know that patterned tiles have been a huge trend for 2016 but plain tiles that are laid in out in a decorative grid are set to be an even more popular choice for bathrooms.


Laying out tiles in a pattern like a herringbone or basket weave will give any bathroom, no matter the size or style, more depth and interest. Most tiles will work but for the best impact and bang for your buck opt for glossy plain tiles, marble tiles or concrete tiles. You can even add a dark grey or coloured grouting to add even more style.


The best thing about this trend is that it works with any style home, from traditional to minimalist, from vintage to spa style all bathroom floors or walls will look amazing with patterned tile layouts. If you have a more traditional home you could opt for the classic black and white grid chequerboard with a striking contrast. If you have more of a contemporary style room marble, concrete or stone tiles laid out in a modular pattern would be a perfect match for your contemporary space.


Bonito collection boasts a stunning Moroccan effect and is perfect if you’re looking to create a unique feature in your bathroom. This range is ideally suited to both traditional and contemporary bathrooms and one of the best things about it is the fact that you can alter the design to be as dramatic or minimalistic as you like. This is thanks to the plain tile and patterned tile options that are available in the Bonito collection.

Nancy Straughan, Interior Designer at Hugo Oliver said: “You can’t really go wrong with regards to patterned tiles, simply choose what you love and the patterns that stand out to you will compliment your bathroom perfectly. There’s no need to be afraid of patterned tiles as there are so many options to choose from, if you are a little unsure about adding in pattern to your bathroom simply go for something subtle and soft like a delicate beehive pattern or stripe. If you are looking for a bolder look the world is your oyster, bright Moroccan patterns or eye-catching geometrics are perfect for any unconventional bathroom.”


Metal Bath:


A mixture of metals are proving prevalent in 2016, however the stand-out trends are Rose Gold and Copper.

Mixing soft and warm-toned metals can make any bathroom exude elegance. By incorporating this trend into your choice of bath tub you are sure to give your bathroom an exciting edge.

Nancy Straughan, Interior Designer at Hugo Oliver said: “Nothing is more luxurious than a metal bath and the king of all baths has to be a copper freestanding roll top design just like the one seen in our King’s Cross showroom. You have probably noticed the warm metal trend everywhere this season from Pinterest to interior magazines the copper, brass and gold are hard to miss. By adding in this trend in the form of taps, basins or a bath your bathroom will enjoy some real luxury and impact. Copper baths conduct the heat fantastically, meaning that your bath water never go cold ensuring the longest and most enjoyable bathing experience possible.”