NEW ‘Vivaldi’ textured carpet collection

Natural Elements Flooring’s new ‘Vivaldi’ carpet has a multi-level loop pile, which gives it a beautifully distinctive aesthetic.  Not only does this help it to look good, but it also ensures optimum wear.  This is a wool mix carpet that won’t show up footprints and doesn’t mind heavy furniture sitting on it.  The loop pile also gives it increased insulation – which is excellent for maintaining ambient room temperature.  In short it’s the ideal flooring solution for rooms and areas with high volume footfall, including hallways and stairs.  Its textured appearance and neutral hues means that ‘Vivaldi’ will work with any interiors scheme – both contemporary and traditional.

As with all Natural Elements Flooring carpets, ‘Vivaldi’ is backed with Ceneva – the most environmentally friendly option available on the market and it also covered by the Wool Owners Warranty (WOW), which will ensure it will look as good as new for as long as possible.

-Launching at 100% Design-

-Wool mix-

-4 elegant neutral shades-

-distinctive multi-level loop pile-

-highly resilient: for any area of the home-

-better insulation-

-backed with Ceneva: less harmful fumes-

-comes with Wool Owners Warranty-

For samples / images please contact me at: [email protected]


The four colourways available are:

Vivaldi ‘Glow’ 1

Vivaldi ‘Blossom’


Vivaldi ‘Misty’ 3

Vivaldi ‘Breeze’


‘Vivaldi’ is available in 5 metre widths.

RRP: £59.40 (inc VAT) per sq m

The ‘Vivaldi’ collection is exclusive to Natural Elements